Topics will include how to use the internet to promote your business and reading the results; how health care is affecting small business; what is leadership vs. just being the boss, good managerial techniques; and more.

Sponsored by the ESVA Chamber Foundation.

The first quarter Lunch and Learn will be an after work “Snack and Learn”.

February 13, 2017
Topic: The Extremes of Virginia

Time:  5:30 - 7:30 pm
Where:  ES Community College Workforce Center

August Wallmeyer brings his unique perspectives on public policy issues in Virginia as a former radio and television news reporter, government speechwriter and energy lobbyist to bear on three ‘rural, poor and largely unknown’ areas of Virginia: Southwest, Southside and the Eastern Shore.

With his 40+ years involvement with the Virginia General Assembly, Wallmeyer uses a mixture of humor and blunt candor to dissect conditions in The Extremes of Virginia, and offers his thoughts on practical steps to improve eco-nomic, social and cultural conditions for the ten percent of Virginians living there.

Using publicly available statistical data combined with perspectives gained from a nearly two years long ef-fort, Wallmeyer will graphically assemble a portrait of a Virginia largely unknown to those living in the Common-wealth’s wealthier and more prosperous urban corridor. 

Highlighting portions of what reviewers have called his “required reading,” “riveting account,” and “brutally accurate diagnosis” of problems in The Extremes, Wall-meyer will engage audiences with a lively discussion of what Virginia should do, what to avoid, and how these decisions matter for all Virginians, whether living in The Extremes or not. 


Lunch & Learn is a new program that highlights the partnership with the ESVA Chamber and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of Hampton Roads. Each quarter the Chamber and SBDC will host a brown bag lunch with speakers on a business topic of interest to the Shore’s businesses.

February 13, 2017

At the Eastern Shore Community College Workforce Center

5:30 - 7:30 pm


Room is limited.

The first quarter Lunch and Learn will be an after work “Snack and Learn”.


Call (757) 787-2460 by 12:00 pm Friday, Feb. 10. Reservations are required.