Alice Coles
H. Philip Gibb
Ida Jones Williams
David Parker
A. Theresa Bliss
Beverly Turner
John Ordeman
Amine Kellam
Braxton C. Parks
Dr. Belle DeCormis Fears
J. Carroll Taylor
J.C. Turner
Julia Broad
Scott R. Chandler
Dr. William F. Bernart
Cynthia W. Bernart
Willie L. Holland
Hon. Robert S. Bloxom
Robert Parks
George N. McMath
H.B. Rew, Jr.
Chester Jackson
Norman Thibodeaux
Brenda Holden
Arthur King Fisher
Rev. Harry W. Crandall
Pat Davis
Sharone White Bailey
Lucius J. Kellam, III
Joyce Fooks Holland
Hon. Lynwood Lewiss
Kathy Custis

Jenny O'Neill

Deadline is May 29, 2016

I place in nomination the name of the following candidate for consideration as the 2016 Outstanding Citizen of the Year. If you prefer, you may download a paper registration form and mail it in.


This award will be presented to an individual, who, over a period of at least two years, has consistently demonstrated excellence in professional and community leadership.

This individual has made or is making significant contributions to the welfare of the community through involvement and participation and has given generously of their time and energy for community betterment. The contribution may be civic, social, educational, charitable, or business related.


A pdf file is available here if you prefer to print and mail.


Completed nominations must be returned by noon May 29, 2016


The recipient will be presented the award at the annual meeting June 21, 2016.